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Jeff Hardy Coloring Pages

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If you watch WWE, then you must know Jeff Hardy. The guy is not a new comer in the sports entertainment. He's been participating in the world of professional wrestler as long as Triple H. It's not easy you know to stay in the industry. Many wrestlers that came in at the same time with the said two wrestlers have retired and never made it back into the ring. Jeff Hardy is well known for being a glamor wrestler. He always shows up with eccentric style. The first time I saw him with his brother, Matt, he looked like a cool young man with long hair. As he went further into his career, he tried to grow some beard. Not a usual one. His beard is crazy awesome. It makes him look like a wolf (take a look at the image above). The most recent change to his appearance is when he showed up into the ring with face paint.

If you're a fan of Jeff Hardy, below you can find some coloring pages of Jeff Hardy. You can see him doing a lot of different poses. In one printable image, you can see him posing like a gangsta rapper with bandana and provocative finger taunting. You can also see him doing his signature finishing move, the Swanton Bomb. This move is when he climbs the pole in one of the corners of the ring and then jump to his lying opponent while doing a full 360 degree somersault. Jeff Hardy has always been known as an acrobatic wrestler. It's crazy when you know his body is quite bulky with muscle, yet he can still do such stunt as if he were weightless. Anyhow, I hope you can have fun with these Jeff Hardy Coloring Pages.

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Jeff Hardy Coloring Pages

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