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Kitten Coloring Pages

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Do you like kittens? Well, I hardly need to ask it because I’m sure you do, or else you won’t stumble upon this page. I’m not much of a cat person, actually. I like dogs better, but that doesn’t mean I hate cats. Well, I’d be stupid if I did. Kittens are so cute, they can make your face melt just by looking at them. However, during their first couple of weeks after they’re born, kittens are as good as blind and deaf. Yes, all kittens are born with their eyes shut and ears barely functional, just like puppies. With such weak and fragile body, it is no wonder they spend most of their time sleeping. In case you don’t know, kittens that are less than three weeks old sleep for about 18 hours per day. The long hours of sleeping are necessary for them as it activates the production of growth hormone essential for their strength and agility.

Now, if you're looking for kitten coloring pages, I've got many of them below. There are more than 30 cute kitten coloring pages that you can print for you or your children. The images are various, but most of them display the cute and curious characteristics of kittens. You can see kittens playing with yarn ball or with a bird, wondering how the animal can fly. There's also a kitten hiding in a Halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin. It's so adorable. In some other coloring pages, you can see some kittens playing with more adult cats. A mother cat can also be seen watching after its kittens, drinking milk from a pan together. All of the following kitten coloring pages are free. However, you must use them for educational and personal purpose only. Simply click on the one of the thumb images below. Then, you can print them for absolutely no charge. Have fun with these kitten coloring pages.

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Kitten Coloring Pages

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