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Leaf Coloring Pages

Leaf Coloring Pages Free to Print   2519s

Unlike flowers, leaves are the powerhouse of a plant. It’s where the nutrients for the plant are cooked and it’s also where the breathing is occurred. Without healthy leaves, plants will soon be withered and die, though some plants purposefully drop their leaves to survive harsh conditions, such as cold temperature in winter and hot weather in long dry season common in tropical climate countries. Leaves have a special chemical called chlorophyll, which not only makes them look green in general, but is also capable of using energy from the sun to make “food” for the plants. This food is created by combining sun light, water, and carbon dioxide. That’s why a place with many plants has fresher air. More plants mean more leaves, which also means more carbon dioxides are absorbed, leaving only clean air to breathe. This is just a little example of how plants’ leaves can be beneficial for human lives.

If you want to teach your children more about leaves, perhaps you will find the following leaf coloring pages handy. You can show them that every plant has a different form of leaves. And leaves are not necessarily green. With the seasons changing, the color of the leaves also changes too, to adapt to the shorter daylight. They will start to turn yellow, then orange, and brown before eventually withered and fall to the ground. With this leaf coloring pages, learning can be as fun as playing. You can arouse their curiosity while also engaging their artistic soul as they color these leaf printables. Check them out below and print any that you think will be useful for your purpose. Have fun!

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Leaf Coloring Pages

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