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Letter Coloring Pages

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Before children can learn to read their first words, they need to learn about the alphabetical letters that form the words. This may seem like nothing but a piece of cake to us, adults. But for young kid, this may be harder than parking our car properly is for us. There are a lot of things going on inside a kid's mind. We, adults, often fail to comprehend it, quickly judging the kid just because he/ she can't do something. Back to learning the alphabets, it's best that you make the learning process more fun in the children's way. You can make the letter appear colorful and use many illustrations.

In that account, the following letter coloring pages might help you out. It's not complete yet but I guess it's better than nothing. You can choose the one you like or even all of them. Save the printable images on your desktop and print them for later. I used to have many of such printables but I can't locate the files. I will search more for them later when I have the chance but for now, this is all I've got. You may use them only for personal use. You can't in anyway use them in any commercial activity.

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Letter Coloring Pages

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