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Lion Coloring Pages

Lion Coloring Pages for Adults to Print   33648

I thought lions only live in Africa but then as I browse the internet about this king of the jungle, I learned that there is a subspecies of lion, called the Asiatic lion. They live in Gujarat, India. To be exact, they can be found in the Gir Forest's dry teak woods. They are smaller in comparison to their siblings in the Africa. Also, they have a distinctive fold of skin on their belly. While the African lions are listed as vulnerable, the Asiatic lions currently has a status of endangered. Only little of their population are left in Gir Forest. Anyway, unlike tigers that enjoy solitary and territorial living, lions are much more social. You watch Lion King, don't you? It's shown in the movie that a group of lions control and keep the savanna in balance. In the group, the alpha male is the laziest one. He won't hunt for food by himself. He likes to wait until the females managed to snatch a prey, and he'll just come to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Not a good king, right? But still majestic!

Anyway, if you're looking to get your hands on some lion coloring pages, you can find them in this post. Either you want the easy ones for your little kid or the hard and complex ones for yourself, this collection of lion coloring pages has all you need. As you can see yourself, the first four lion coloring pages should work well for kids on preschool age. They look cute and nice and the drawings are simple enough for them to color without much problem. As you scroll down, the difficulty is rising. You will wind lion coloring pages that are more challenging to color. The realistic drawings of lion will require the experience of an advanced colorists to complete. Also, if you love abstract arts, there are some zentangle art style lion coloring pages at the bottom of the page. Just scroll down and see for yourself. Hope you enjoy these lion coloring pages.

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Lion Coloring Pages

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