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Lion King Coloring Pages

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Lion King is one of Disney’s classic animated movies that never gets old. Kids who watched it in the 90’s have grown up and now have their own children who watch and also love the story of Simba. I was still in elementary school when my classmate invited me to watch Lion King in his house on a DVD. Simba, a young lion cub who is so eager to be the next king after his father Mufasa, did something terrible to prove his worth, that eventually cost his father’s life. Plagued by guilt, he ran away, abandoning his pack to meet two new best friends, Pumbaa and Timon. With them, Simba could forget the mistake he had done. Heck, he even forgot that he’s a lion and stopped eating meat. But eventuallly Rafiki, the wise baboon helped him rediscover himself, freeing him from the past sin that burdened and frightened him, and then led him to embrace his fate, to become the lion king.

That was just awesome; the story of Simba. Anyway, if you're looking for cool Lion King coloring pages, scroll down to the next section of this page. There are lots of them and you can print them all for free if you want. That is as long as you keep its use for personal and educational purpose only. You can see many scenes from the Lion King movies. The beginning scene when Simba was first born into this world and introduced to all animals in Mufasa's territory as a young prince, to the scene where Simba managed to get rid of Scar and claim his birthright as the lion king. My most favorite scene is where Mufasa took Simba out in the night to stare at the stars, saying that the kings of the past would always be up there in the starry sky to watch and guide him. That was just so memorable. Anyhow, I hope you can have a good time with these Lion King coloring pages.

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Lion King Coloring Pages

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