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Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

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Next to Cinderella, guess who Disney has to thank for saving its entire business? Yep, it's the redhead princess, daughter of the King Triton, The Little Mermaid Ariel. Her box office success gave Disney a second chance to charm the world through its fascinating musical fairy tales. Little Mermaid is adapted from the story written by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen. The story is so famous in Denmark, people build a statue of Little Mermaid to honor Mr. Andersen. Unlike the original story, however, the story of Princess Ariel Little Mermaid doesn't end up being awfully tragic and tearful. If anything, it makes people cry from happiness after seeing how Ariel can finally get married to the prince she loves. Still, Disney's Little Mermaid couldn't escape completely from critics. Some said that it differs from Andersen's story so much that it essentially betrays his work. Whatever it is, I still love how Ariel the Little Mermaid doesn't accept what's given to her as it is. Instead, she chooses to be the person she really is.

Now, if your little girl also falls in love with Ariel, you should check out these lovely Little Mermaid coloring pages. You can see Ariel doing many different things in these Little Mermaid coloring printables. You can see her having a good time with Eric while she's on her human form. Her boyfriend, Prince Eric, can be seen rowing a small wooden canoe while talking to her, much like what Rapunzel and Flynn do before they watch hundreds of lantern lighting up the night sky. You can also see Ariel with her animal sidekicks Sebastian, the red Jamaican crab and Flounder, the bright yellow-blue tropical fish. You can see the Little Mermaid in her baby version too. In these coloring printables, you can also see Ariel with her father King Triton celebrating a birthday party. In short, this is one amazing collection of Little Mermaid coloring pages.

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Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

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