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Love Coloring Pages

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Among the most important character traits in life is love. Children who are taught to love (easiest way is by saying "I love you" to them) can accept differences better than those who aren’t. Kids with good understanding of love will also be more responsible and passionate, helping them to be a better human being in our society. Isn’t that how we all want our kids to be? To be a person who doesn’t judge and discriminate others. To be a person who puts his/ her family on the top most priority. To be a person willing to extend his/ her hand whenever they see someone in need. Love can make lives wonderful. I even said it once to my students that if everybody had enough love in their heart, we wouldn’t have to depend on money to live in this world. Everyone would know his responsibility and wouldn’t neglect it, for it would disadvantage other people and everyone would help each others.

There are many ways you can help your kids build a loving character inside them. One of those is by using hands-on activities like these love coloring pages. In the following printables, you can find various drawings and doodles that help your children to express their love. You'll see "I love you" doodles, "L is for love" drawings, and many other symbols that represent love, such as heart, lock and key, etc. Some of these love coloring pages can also be used to introduce kids to God. You can find coloring printables that say "God is love" and "God's love has no limit". All of these love coloring pages can be printed free of cost, but you must only use them for educational purpose only.

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Love Coloring Pages

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