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Marvel Coloring Pages

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Of all the superhero teams under Marvel's banner, which one do you like the most? Is it Avengers or X-Men? Or a bunch of misfits looking to get rich by saving the universe, Guardians of Galaxy? Or Spiderman and his teenage superhero co-mates? Well, that's a difficult question, I know. All of them are awesome. In the past, I though X-Men was awesome, with Wolverine hacking and slashing like wild animals. But then I knew Avengers. Although I'm not keen on watching Captain America, Tony Stark as an Iron Man and Hulk draw me to come to like them. But then of course, there's Spiderman, your friendly superhero. Man, I admire him since I was in junior high school. The feat that he does may not be as colossal as Avengers, but then he is only a teenager. Now, to make things even more complicated, there's Guardians of the Galaxy. The combination of angry Rocket, simpleminded Groot, womanizer Star Lord, butt-kicking green lady Gamora, and muscle-brain Drax is just hilarious.

Whichever you choose, one thing is obvious. DC Comic still has a long way to outperform Marvel, even if I love Batman. Anyway, if you're a fan of Marvel superheroes, you might be interested to grab these Marvel coloring pages. Most of them feature the members of Avengers, actually including the villain Loki. However, you can also find the parody version of them in Superhero Squad. There's also Spiderman in the Marvel coloring pages below. And let's not forget the superheroes in Lego form. They look funny instead of epic. Now, if it's Guardians of the Galaxy that you want, you can check out this post. I hope you can have a good time with the following Marvel coloring pages.

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Marvel Coloring Pages

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