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Math Coloring Pages

Math Coloring Pages to Print Online   lj8rr

How would you combine art and math? The two of them is completely contrasting. One requires a good handle over the right brain while the other activates the left brain. I thought that wasn't possible until I found printables commonly known today as color by numbers. Yup, these coloring printables have number that instruct you what color to give to certain part of the drawings. Now, some people (geniuses, really!) change those numbers into mathematical operation and voila! You've just combined art and math in one fun and exciting activity. This can be very encouraging for kids who can't help but hate math because they think it's too confusing.

There aren't too many math coloring pages below but I guess they'd still keep your kids engaged. Besides, the figure on the drawings are quite various too. From a simple gingerbread man wearing scarf and winter hat, to a complex and elaborate butterfly. The operation also ranges from simple addition and subtraction to the more challenging multiplication and division. All of these math coloring pages are free to print but you must keep them for educational purpose only. There are some other educational coloring pages that I've shared recently. This was like shapes coloring pages and alphabetical letter coloring pages. Go check them out!

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Math Coloring Pages

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