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Mermaid Adult Coloring Pages


Mermaid Coloring Sheets for Adult oc37s

It is no wonder that since a long time ago, the earth is believed to be full of mysterious sea creatures such as sea monster, sea serpents, kraken, and other, seeing that most of the planet is covered by water. These mermaid adult coloring pages depicted one of those fantastic underwater creatures. Mermaid is amongst the most famous mythical figures that often comes out in folklores in different culture across the globe, often makes appearance in various literature and film, so there’s a high chance you are already familiar with it. The ‘mer’ in the name translates to ‘sea’, so mermaid is marine creature that has half-human and half-animal body. Depending on the story that it associated with, some said mermaid gives misfortune and even brings death, however, some others said mermaid bring good luck to human by granting their wishes or cures them. It's all fantasy and meant for fun. Whichever version of story that you’d like to believe, there is no doubt you’ll love the beautiful and magical mermaid adult coloring pages.

Legends have it that mermaids present themselves in really stunning and alluring appearance, almost fairy-like. Through the mermaid adult coloring pages, you’d be able to see how magnificent and magical beings that they are as well as capturing them with your own coloring style. The beauty of mermaid is especially captured well in coloring sheets for adults, with gorgeous backdrop of the underwater scene where they’re swimming or just lying around, complex patterns drawn on their tails, and the long, flowy hair that they have. If you have a teenage girl growing up, she might also like these mermaid drawings. As the mermaids live under the sea, you can also find coloring sheets that features other sea animals and sea plant like fishes, sea horses, seaweed, and many more. Feel free to let your imagination wandering around while deciding the most striking colors to put on their tails in these mermaid adult coloring pages.

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Mermaid Adult Coloring Pages

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