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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Kids

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No one likes mice and rats. For most people, they're considered a pest and must be eliminated. Disney movie "Ratatouille" explains it the best. Still, that's not the case with Disney icon, Mickey Mouse. No one hates this guy even though his character is inspired by a mouse. Heck, he's old too actually. He first showed up on TV screen in 1928. Probably, Mickey is the best creation that comes from the blessed hands of Walt Disney. It's amazing to know that such iconic character like Mickey was created rather accidentally. He was created for the first time to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a big star in the 20s and 30s. Of course, Walt didn't know that everyone would love Mickey but he still went with it anyway.

Now, if your kids love this old guy, you may want to get these Mickey Mouse coloring pages. There are quite a few of them. In one printable, he's shown to be patting his best friend, Pluto. In another, he's shown to be hugging him. He's also shown in a romantic scene with his only girl friend Minnie, both wearing royal king and queen costumes. There's also baby Mickey Mouse and Mickey eating a lollipop. It sure looks pretty exciting for any Mickey's fans. Go get them below!

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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

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