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Minion Coloring Pages

Minion Coloring Pages Bob Stuart and Kevin

Coming from Despicable Me series, Minions are the funny yellow characters which have tube-shaped body. In some examples of Minion coloring pages, you can see that the animated characters wear overalls and goggles. Those are the typical attires that the character wears. This series is well loved by many viewers regardless of age because of unique characters, witty dialogue, and engaging plots. The Minions are especially a hit among children because they provide a lot of comedic reliefs for the story. It is no wonder that the character even gets a movie on its own which was released back in 2015. Since that release, the uproar for Minions becomes even more apparent. Many Minion-themed products are released into the market. You can find Minion coloring pages and even school supplies for example, just like with Eevee from Pokemon. The options are basically endless. Some of them are designed for children, but products dedicated for adults also exist.

The options for Minion coloring pages, if you are looking for them, are basically endless. There are simpler pages which only consist of a single Minion drawing wearing its work overall and goggles. In the drawing, the character might be smiling or doing certain activities such as dancing, playing with dolls just like Beanie Boo, or holding ukulele. You can also find character that is holding banana. It is the favorite fruit of the Minions. Children will also find it interesting to color on. If you want to look for pages which have several Minions on the page, you can also easily find them. The characters may strike different poses and wear distinctive facial expressions. Some creators even start making crossover uncolored drawings. There are Minion coloring pages which assemble the character with another character from different animated series. The yellow tube-shaped worker in Gru’s company may also change up the regular outfit in those pages.

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Minion Coloring Pages

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