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Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages

Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages to Print Minnie Mouse Is a Happy Little Girl

Minnie Mouse is one of the most iconic cartoon characters from Disney. She was created decades ago, making her one of the oldest characters in Disney, too. The female mouse with a large, iconic bow on her head was created by Walt Disney to be the “mate” of Mickey Mouse. Throughout the year, Mickey and Minnie become inseparable couple. The two mice are just the icons of Disney. You will be able to find their cute little faces everywhere, including in Disneyland, of course. If you are looking for Minnie Mouse coloring pages for your daughter or niece, you can find one over here. The mouse is often displayed in here wide, smiling grin and wearing iconic dress in the color of pink. Her dress is in polka dot pattern most of the time. Of course, every girl would love to have the Minnie Mouse coloring pages as they can bring the cute mouse to life by giving her colors.

The Minnie Mouse picture to color over here is the one for birthday occasion. Minnie is seen wearing her dress and iconic bow. She is holding a massive birthday cake in her hands. The cake has icing, decorations and some candles on top. In the Minnie Mouse coloring page, Minnie is wearing an apron, giving you the hint that she has baked the cake herself. She also wears her massive high-heeled shoes. This image is probably perfect to download when your girl is having her birthday party coming soon. She will be able to celebrate her birthday by coloring the page and you tell them that Minnie has baked her special birthday cake. It should be a fun thing to do and that is why downloading the Minnie Mouse coloring pages over here is important to do, not for the kids but for adults, too, sometimes.

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Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages

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