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Disney Princess Moana Coloring Pages

Disney Moana Coloring Pages YA409

Have you watched the latest Disney's animated movie, Moana? Alright, that's a stupid question. If you're here looking for Moana coloring pages, then you must have watched the movie, right? Anyway, as beautiful as the movie is, I don't think Moana is the best one Disney has ever produced. I still believe that Zootopia is better. And when it comes to princess, Frozen with Elsa and Anna has a more interesting story. Still, I have to admit that the visuals are stunning and the soundtrack is quite nice. There are lots of vivid colors. It reminds me of one scene I saw in "The Life of Pi". There are lots of green and blues. It's just stunning.

Anyway, just like many other Disney animated movies, Moana leaves a good impression to all the viewers, even after the movie is concluded. Now if your kid still want to have anything related to Moana, maybe these coloring pages will help. There are lots of them and you can choose per your liking which to print. You can see Moana when she was still a cute toddler. You can also see her two pets, Pua and Heihei. The latter is really one of a kind, eh? It lives up to its character as a real animal. Other pets of Disney princesses have an intelligence comparable to human. Anyway, there is also Maui. The demigod who seems too full of himself only later reveals that he does all those things just to get an attention and love from human. Anyhow, enjoy these Moana coloring pages.

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Moana Coloring Pages

Moana Fun Facts

  • The teaser trailer introduces us to the demi-god Maui and his impressive achievements. If you're Hawaiian and confused because you can't recognize them all, it's because he was actually created using multiple versions of the myth known in the Pacific: Maui can be found in the mythology of several islands such as Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, French Polynesia and New Zealand.
  • "Moana" means "ocean" in Hawaiian and Maori, but her name was changed to Vaiana and the title to Oceania in the Italian version, to avoid confusion and unwished-for Google results because of an Italian star from the '80s named Moana Pozzi.
  • Moana is set 2,000 years ago. At that time in actual history, the people of the South Pacific were the greatest explorers on Earth. Using only stars and currents, they accomplished some of the greatest feats of exploration and migration in history. Then, one day, it stopped for 1,000 years. No one knows why.
  • The dumbest character in Disney history almost didn’t happen. The filmmakers expect Hei Hei, a sidekick rooster character, to be one of the breakouts from the film. But he was almost cut out. After several story meetings, the producers and directors didn’t think Hei Hei added to the story. So John Lasseter gave the writers 48 hours to figure out how to save him, or he was out.
  • The adorable Auli'i Cravalho is a Hawaiian native and was 14 years old when she gave her voice to Moana, which makes her the youngest actress to ever voice a Disney princess!


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