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Monkey Coloring Pages

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A few weeks ago I watched a short documentary film about monkeys. From that half an hour show, I learned that monkeys are generally classified into two groups, which are the Old World monkeys and the New World monkeys. I had no idea why scientists classified monkeys that way, but the point is Old World monkeys are much bigger than those grouped as New World monkeys. Taking an opinion from a commoner’s view, Old World monkeys are, in general, less cute, than New World monkeys. Old world monkeys are mostly found in Asia and Africa. These are like Baboon, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and those sneaky little grey monkeys you often found in Youtube fail videos. There are a lot of them in South and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, many of the New World monkeys are found in South America. These monkeys have a tiny body with big eyes. A good example of New World monkeys is marmoset.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some monkey coloring pages, there are many of them for you to choose in this post. They range from simple drawings of cute baby monkeys to realistic sketches of real life monkeys. The cute monkey coloring pages will be more appropriate for children of young age. Some of them look very cute you won’t believe they’re actually a monkey. A few of the monkeys in these coloring pages also look like a cartoon character, which is great to get the attention from your kids. As for grown up colorists, you can pick out some of the more realistic monkey coloring pages. You have to be very good with gradient colors so that the end result of your coloring will look good. Alternatively, you can also choose some zentangle art of monkey coloring pages. Most of them only feature the head of the monkey, but they’re very beautiful. Check them out yourself! Hope you have a good time with these monkey coloring pages.

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Monkey Coloring Pages

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