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Monster Coloring Pages

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Children have a very weird imagination sometimes. What we pass as a normal thing in life, they're afraid of, thinking that it can harm them in some way. What is supposed to be frightening, they consider cute and cuddly. I'm talking about monster here. Adults use this word to refer to an imaginary creature that's not only large but also ugly and fearful. Kids, on the other hand, think they're cool and have what it takes to be their best friend. Their imagination of a monster is completely different from ours. Take a look at Monster Inc. Moshi Monsters, or maybe the one specifically marketed for young girls, the Monster High. They all look far from dreadful. They look weird, yes, but not in a way that can make them scream in fear.

Whatever it is, kids do love monster. And for that, you might want to get these monster coloring pages. With a little bit of creativity from your end, you can turn the following monster coloring printables into a fun activity that your children will love. The monsters image varies from one to another. One monster look like a fur ball with silly smile that stands on its own feet. Another looks like a cute little baby dinosaurs, with blushing cheeks. Some have more than two eyes and some others have teeth that are all pointed fangs. That doesn't stop them from looking cute for kids, though. Also, in these coloring pages, you can find the baby version of the infamous Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. He looks so small and adorable, but still hairy. Either way, I'm sure your kids will have a blast coloring these monster coloring pages.

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Monster Coloring Pages

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