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Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

It's May and in less tan two weeks, we're going to celebrate Mother's Day. Have you had something special to give to the most special woman in your life on that day? Well, you'd better be. Now while you're thinking about the special presents you want to give to your Mom, you might as well check out these awesome Mother's Day coloring pages. The following Mother's Day Printables are quite simple in appearance, so they'll be perfect for young children as well as preschoolers. I've also prepared some Mother's Day coloring pages for adults, but they have to be in a different post, so stay tune! In these Mother's Day coloring pages, all the drawings are pretty basic with not too much details on it. You can see a simple drawing of a mother with her children. Likewise, you can also see some mother animals with her babies like bunnies, ducks, and teddy bears. There are also some nice looking Mother's Day cards with flower images that your children can color on their own.

Anyway, since Mother's Day is special for all of us here, let's try to learn some nice and interesting facts about it. Who knows, maybe after you read this post, you can come up with a fun trivia that you can use to make your Mom smile. Okay, first fun facts, Not all parts of the world celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. In some Asian countries, Mother's Day is celebrated in December. Some other countries celebrate their Mother's Day in March. It looks like the the different celebration of Mother's Day among countries in the world has something to do with their respective history. In USA, for example, Mother's Day is celebrated to commemorate Ann Jarvis who struggled to reunite families after the Civil War. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, started to make a celebration to honor her on the second Sunday of May in 1908, which continues until today.

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Mother's Day Coloring Pages

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