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Music Coloring Pages

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Did you know that when we listen to music, we are activating the whole part of our brain? I guess that's true. You know, I read somewhere that babies who are constantly on the exposure of classical music grow up to be very smart. Maybe its because their whole brain is trained well, thanks to classical music. However, maybe it's also the reason why I can't work while listening to music. Seriously, though. I just can't focus and concentrate when I listen to my favorite music. My mind has always wandered off when I heard music that sounds familiar. Still, I need music to start working. Good music makes me feel motivated (apparently, it's because good music helps release Dopamine in the brain, a chemical that directly relates to motivation). So, yes, I only listen to music before I work. Once I'm motivated enough, I turn it off and focus entirely on my jobs. What about you?

Anyhow, if you're here looking for some music coloring pages for your little ones, then you can just scroll down below. There are many printables related to music. You can find many popular cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Donald Duck playing music to their heart's content. You can also see various instruments come to life and play music on their own. This would be very creepy in real life but since they're just pictures, the look pretty funny, instead. I'm sure your children will love these music coloring pages. Some of these music coloring pages are on the higher difficulty, which means they're only good for grown ups. The piano and musical doodle, for example. They're just too intricate for children to color. So, pick out your music coloring pages carefully.

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Music Coloring Pages

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