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Narwhal Coloring Pages

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Thanks to its protruding horn-like structure, a narwhal is often considered as the unicorn of the deep sea. Well, that's not wrong because everyone can have their own opinion, right? But what I'm trying to straighten out here is that said structure is not a horn, it's a tooth actually. And it didn't grow in narwhal's forehead. Instead, it comes up just a tad above their upper lip. The tooth grows significantly long that it pierces through narwhal's mouth. Imagine if that happens to you, ugh. Anyway, as interesting as narwhal's "horn" is, scientists still fail to figure out what exactly it is used for. Many argue that it acts as a self-defensive weapon, but narwhals are never seen piercing any other animal.

Anyhow, narwhal is still one of the most majestic animal existing in this earth. They belong to whale family but their "horn" makes them one of a kind. Now, if you've been looking for some narwhal coloring pages, you may find some in this post. The printables are as various as they can be. There is a cute baby narwhal that will certainly look exciting to preschoolers. But there's also realistic narwhal printable which is more suited for adults. You can print any of these narwhal coloring pages for free but you must keep them for personal use only. Hope you enjoy them!

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Narwhal Coloring Pages

Narwhal Fun Facts

  • Male narwhals grow a long, spiraling tusk, which gives the whale its most distinct characteristic. This tusk is an elongated left canine, which grows through the whale’s lip. Occasionally, the right canine will also grow, resulting in two tusks. In addition, some females may grow a small tusk, although this is rare.
  • Narwhal tusks grow throughout the animals’ entire lives and can reach incredible lengths. While the tusk as a whole is straight—the only straight tusk we know of, in fact—a closer look reveals that as it grows, it spirals to the left.
  • Narwhals generally move slowly, but are known to be remarkably quick when chased by predators. They prefer to stay near the surface of the ocean, but can dive up to 5,000 feet. Narwhals are migratory and move closer to the shore in the summer, while moving out to sea and living under packed ice in the winter months.
  • Another feature that makes these whales’ appearance so unique is the lack of a dorsal fin. It is thought that the absence of this fin is an evolutionary adaptation for swimming under the thick Arctic ice, which would be considerably more difficult with a dorsal fin in the way.
  • Most narwhals travel in pods of 10-100 individuals and sometimes in much larger groups. They communicate with various sounds like squeals, trills and clicks. Females give birth every 3 years or so and can nurse their calves for over a year. Calves tend to be brown with no spots. Narwhals are mostly hunted by polar bears and orcas. Native Inuit people are also allowed to hunt this whale legally.
  • Narwhal's skin is rich in Vitamin C. Narwhal skin is a primary source of vitamins for the Inuit people of the Arctic. According to the BBC, “without the narwhal it is doubtful whether the Inuit would have survived in some parts of the Arctic.”

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