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NBA Coloring Pages

NBA Coloring Pages Free to Print   NU02M

Does your kid love basketball? If so, then these awesome NBA team logos coloring pages might make them love you more and more. My kids and I are not really into basketball. We're more into football and never miss any single match of NFL every season. Still, since so many kids today play basketball, I think I've got to make one particular post about NBA. There are 19 of them, most of which are the logos of those teams partaking in the major league, such as Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, and many more.

These NBA coloring pages are totally free to print but you have to remember to use them only for personal purpose. They're not intended for commercial use, so you've got to respect that. To print the images you like, you've got to do it manually as I haven't got the time to create the code for a quick print button yet. You will have to start by clicking one of the thumbnails below, save the image in full resolution, then send the command to your printer to print it. Since there are many small details in these printables, I think your kid will have better result if they color it using either colored pencils or markers. Crayons are not suitable for this one.

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NBA Coloring Pages

NBA Fun Facts

  • What would you feel If you're fined for wearing your own shoes? Maybe you can ask Michael Jordan for that. He was fined $5,000 by commissioner David Stern, for showing off the first of his series of high-tops in 1985, for every game he played them in.
  • Pete Maravich when he was 26 in 1974, in an interview to a newspaper said “I don’t want to play 10 years in NBA and die of a heart attack at 40.” He proceeded to have a 10 year NBA career and then die of a heart attack at 40.
  • Josh Howard is even more bow legged than LeBron James is, however, it did not stop him from becoming a professional athlete. But when he was younger, he had to get his legs broken and reset to fix it. Even after the reset his legs were still pretty bowed but it doesn't stop him from becoming top player.
  • If your kids want to be an NBA player someday, maybe you want to straight them up first. Otherwise, they'd follow suit the trend among big players in NBA today. More than 60% of them are flat broke after only five years of retirement. Really, where does all that money go?
  • LeBron being dominant with his right hand yet, eating and writing with his left-hand, is pretty much as ambidextrous as it can get. LeBron obviously shoots with his right-hand, which is a good thing for his defenders because if LeBron actually shot with his left-hand, it is quite possible that LeBron would be even more deadly.
  • Tim Duncan was training to become a member of the 1992 U.S. Men’s Olympic Swim Team until Hurricane Hugo destroyed the only pool he could train in. His mortal fear of sharks kept him from using the ocean temporarily. So to keep in shape, he began playing basketball.

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