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Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages

Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages fth5

With the Halloween on the fall season and Christmas on the winter are approaching already, it is fun to look for theme-based activities that appropriate for the events. Take a look at these Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages. As the movie is a definite popular cult classic among children, teens, and even for the adults, they can make a great bonding activity for people of all ages. Nightmare before Christmas was first introduced in 1993 as musical fantasy genre movie, the story set in Halloween Town with monsters, vampire, ghosts, witches and creatures of alike. Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages features these intriguing characters as the residence of the town. Coloring the drawings inspired by the fantasy themed movies would make an enjoyable time with your kids. Your family can watch the movie first, then provide them with these sheets to prompt fun discussion about the movie while coloring them.

As there are many interesting characters in the Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages, the kids absolutely will not get bored easily. The most common character you’d find is the main protagonist, the pumpkin headed king Jack Skellington. He wears very eccentric dresses, but still a fun and iconic figure throughout the movie. Sometimes he’d be drawn with his canine companion, Zero, or with Sally the bride of Jack Skellington. You may also find The Three Naughty Kids characters, namely Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They are the mischievous kids who are tasked to get Santa to the town. By using Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages, you can also teach the kids about moral value of the story such as how the naughty can be responsible for positive tasks and how to differentiate the good from the bad. In short, the coloring activity can be used to teach children about how to overcome issues like the ones that faced by Jack Skellington.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages

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