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Ninja Coloring Pages

Ninja Coloring Pages for Kids 2abr8

Though it originates from a foreign country, one that particularly ever had a hostile relationship with the state, ninja is received more than well in USA. Everything that is a ninja sells like a hot cake here. From those created by American creatives like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ninjago, to the ones made by original Japanese artist, such as Naruto. Even X-Men's latest member, Deadpool, seems to be inspired by a Japanese ninja with all his acrobatic fighting style and stuff. They were all popular and still are; not to say they have a great fan base as well. In case you wonder, ninjas were real. They were Japanese warriors living more than 700 hundred years ago. Despite their sure-kill ability, they were more used as a spy and silent assassin, not a face-to-face combatant. Their training began as soon as they were kids and it included sword fighting as well as using other weapons such as knives, bows, and spears.

That's quite some history lesson up there. Now if you want some epic ninja coloring pages, you can find them below. There are only 20 of them, but if you're a fan of Ninjago, you can check out this post. From the following ninja coloring pages, you can learn that ninja is not just men. Though the training is full of hardship, some women in the past chose to become ninjas too. All ninjas in the printables below use a face cover, some even left open their eyes only. I wonder how can they breathe just fine while moving very intensely with that mask tightly pressed against their nose. Ninjas are expected to be able to fight with anything. For us, fighting and jumping around with two swords are awkwardly impossible, but ninjas can use two katanas just as well as one. Check them out yourself in these ninja coloring pages.

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Ninja Coloring Pages

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