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Number Coloring Pages

Number 2 Coloring Page - 26571

Much the same with alphabet, young children need to learn about numbers and what they actually mean. A good understanding of numbers will set them up on a proper path for their future education and other important knowledge. As such, you cannot rush the learning process. Let them learn numbers naturally and you can do so by saying simple statements such as "one cat, two sandals". As simple as they are, such statement help them realize that numbers can be used to define a real life object. Another helpful activity that can help kids learn about numbers is singing. Of course, the songs are the ones created specifically for the purpose like "Ten Green Bottles" and "Three Blind Mice". If you're patient and consistent in encouraging your kid, he/ she should be able to count to ten before they're three years old.

Some children learn better and faster with visual aid. If your kid is one of them, you might want to use these number coloring pages to teach them about numbers. The collection below is complete, ranging from number 1 to number 10 and all of them can be printed without costing you even a dime. With these number coloring pages, it is likely that your kid will not only remember the sequence from 1 to 10, but also the real meaning behind the numbers. This is because these number coloring pages show specific objects along with the number. For example, number 3 is shown with three Teddy bears, number 4 with four chicks, number 5 with five fish, and so on. Go ahead and take a look at them yourself. To print any of number coloring pages below, you just have to click the thumb images. Enjoy!

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Number Coloring Pages

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