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Ocean Coloring Pages

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You think you've seen the most beautiful scenery in your life? Well, wait until you dive and explore the loveliest reef sites under the vast ocean. What you'll see below the sea water will blow you away. Colorful fish of different sizes, hundreds years old reefs that bloom like wildflowers, all thriving under crystal clear water that makes regular sunlight look more dramatic. But ocean is more than just about beauty. It's also a house for many unsolved mysteries on Earth. I'm not just talking about what actually lives in Bermuda triangle and what lurks in the darkness of Mariana Trench. There are still many unexplored areas under our earth's ocean and it maybe as alien as Mars. Heck, even many of the animals discovered in the ocean so far look alien to me. They're all master of disguise that can blend into almost anything under the sea.

Ocean truly is amazing. There's still a lot to uncover and learn about it. If you're teaching you kid about it, you might want to get help from these ocean coloring pages. There are 32 amazing ocean coloring pages all ready to print and color. The majority of the printables are designed for kids of preschool and kindergarten age. They feature simple drawing of ocean animals including dolphin, octopus, and different kinds of fish. There's one printable that shows Lilo - the little Hawaiian girl from Disney's Lilo and Stitch - diving to see the colorful tropical fish. Another printable shows a lone orca whale - which is far from truth because killer whales are always seen swimming in group. There are some ocean coloring pages for adults too, offering elaborate and detailed drawing of ocean animals such as sea turtles, seahorses, and sea crabs. The look very realistic and if you color it properly, I'm sure the image will look more alive. Have a blast coloring these ocean coloring pages!

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Ocean Coloring Pages

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