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Optimus Prime Coloring Page

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The leader of all Autobots, the red and blue trailer truck with fiery flame art on his hood. Yep, he is Optimus Prime. The toughest character in the Transformers universe. In one of the movie, he is completely beaten up by his enemy and supposedly dead, but with some sort of magic power from the alien energy source, he comes back to life. If your kid is a fan of Transformers, particularly Optimus Prime, the following Optimus Prime coloring pages should give him some thrills. Just remember to keep these coloring pages for personal use only.

My favorite character in Transformers is Bumble Bee, actually. He's the youngest of all Autobots but has already played a vital role to their order. Still, Optimus got my respect. specially in the last movie, Age of Extinction, when he ventured alone to the space, hunting down the enemy that he thinks will threaten the safety and peace on earth in the future. I thought that movie was going to be the last sequel given that it didn't receive much good review. But it turns out I was wrong. Hollywood is pushing another sequel, entitled Transformers, The Last Knight. You get to see Optimus Prime again, probably with new armor. Oh, by the way, a friend of mine told me that Optimus is going to be a villain in this movie. I really look forward to seeing him as a bad guy.

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Optimus Prime Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Optimus Prime

  • In a revised version of his origin story, he began life as a simple dock worker named Orion Pax. He was injured in an attack by Megatron and brought to the oldest of the Autobots, Alpha Trion. The keeper of the Matrix of Leadership rebuilt Orion Pax into the largest and most powerful of the Autobots.
  • Optimus doesn't drink Coca Cola, but Pepsi. One version of the Autobot leader elevated product placement to a new level. In 1985, Hasbro generated excitement with a limited edition mail-away version of Optimus Prime. He came complete with a Pepsi label to spruce up his trailer.
  • Optimus Prime dies a lot, but somehow he always comes back to life. Here are some of the moments when he's dead: 1.) He died and returned as a zombie in The Transformers Season 3 | 2.) In the Generation 1 Marvel comic, he volunteered to be killed because of his immoral play in a video game, but his mind was fortunately saved on a floppy disk | 3.) And in the Decepticon mode of Transformers The Game he gets a The Walking Dead/Negan-style death, with Megatron bashing his head in | 4.) Not to be outdone, he’s also killed viciously by Megatron in the live-action movie series, in Revenge of the Fallen, but is unsurprisingly revived in the film, then later is sort of killed between movies and revived again in Age of Extinction.
  • Optimus Prime is a peace lover who hates wars. He knows his job is to lead by example, to keep a positive attitude for his soldiers, and to use his wisdom to guide them in life and on the battlefield. But he’s ultimately averse to fighting if it’s not necessary.
  • His live-action version is portrayed based on Liam Neeson. In the DVD commentary for the original 2007 Transformers movie, director Michael Bay said he asked the animators to look at film of Neeson and use his body language to animate Optimus.

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