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Panda Coloring Pages

Panda Coloring Pages to Print

Panda is one of the most easily recognizable animals in the world because of their contrasting black and white fur colors. These panda coloring pages are also featuring the adorable creature with their black ears, legs, shoulders, tail, eye-patches and white color for the rest of their body. Panda is a native animal to China. In their origin country, they are considered as noble creatures and the symbol of peace offerings. It was common for emperor or empresses in the past to have them in private zoos as pets. Adult panda can reach up to 150cm height, and weighs up to 150kg. The male ones are typically about 10% larger and 20% heavier than the female ones. Unlike other bears, panda mostly eat bamboo, but sometimes they are still classified as carnivore because they also feed on eggs, birds, or rodents. Even though you cannot see their teeth on panda coloring pages, they are flat and broad to help them to crush and chew on hard bamboo.

Now, you can color these panda coloring pages in creative ways according to your liking! There is no need to always color them with only black and white color. You can make them as adorable as these Teddy Bears. The drawings are interestingly designed, depicting various pictures of panda just chilling around in nature – some drawings have them with their cubs, other drawings show them with their favorite bamboo plants. Most of the panda coloring pages are drawn in simple lines to fit with kids’ ability, but it is totally possible to find some practice sheets for adults with more complex designs. Nevertheless, it is easy to find because panda is such a popular animal due to its cuteness - want more cuteness? check out these animal jam drawings. These peaceful, shy, and slow-moving bear-like creatures have distinctive appearance because their eye patches make them looks like they have really big eyes. The big and round physical body also makes you want to hug them.

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Panda Coloring Pages

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