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Penguin Coloring Pages

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They may not have wings, but penguins are classified in the subgroup Aves, which means they are considered as birds. As replacement for the wings, all penguins have flippers, a motor organ that helps them swim in the freezing water of Antarctica. Yes, they may be small and look cute and you probably think they're fragile but the fact of the matter is, penguins are able to survive six months of winter in the Antarctica, where sun never really rises. That's something only extremely formidable animals can do, and that's penguins. All penguins live in the southern hemisphere. There's only one species of penguins, though, that's occasionally found swimming up to the northern part of the equator. It's the Galapagos penguins. No one knows why penguins are only found in the south. Maybe it's for the same reason polar bears are only found in the north.

Anyway, penguins are not really an endangered animal (except for the emperor penguins who live exclusively in Antarctica), but in case you want to teach your children more about this flightless bird, then you may want to get some of these penguin coloring pages. As you can see for yourself. there are so many penguin coloring pages in this post. Most of the penguins look cartoonish with cute faces, big eyes, and adorable chubby smile. You can even find penguins that wear scarf and winter beanie. In addition to that, there are also a couple of coloring pages of the popular online game Club Penguin. For beginners, there are also penguin coloring pages color by number. Now if you're an adult and still want to join the fun, you can choose the images of realistic penguin coloring pages at the bottom most of this post. There are also a few penguin zentangle art coloring pages that should be fun to challenge the artist in you. Hope this penguin coloring pages inspire you!

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Penguin Coloring Pages

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