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Peter Pan Coloring Pages

Peter Pan Coloring Book Pages - bha2l

Peter Pan is so famous. There have been a few live action movies to adapt his story. I believe I watched at least two of them. The one where he took Wendy with him in Neverland and the other where he must return to Neverland as an adult to save a kid from the shackle of the angry pirate, Captain Hook. The latter, I remember better. The title is "Hook" released in 1991, with Robin Williams playing the adult Peter Pan. Anyway, do you know why Peter Pan and his friends can fly even though they're just normal humans, not fairy? Well, I used to read this book (I forgot the author's name) and tells the background story of the young Peter Pan, how he started his rivalry with Captain Hook, and how he met Tinker Bell. He was just a normal kid from an orphan house finding himself in a wrong ship that was supposed to transport a great amount of fairy dust. Long story short, when Captain Hook wanted to get hold of the fairy dust, Peter Pan accidentally showered it all to himself and friends, allowing them to fly like fairies.

Whoa, that's quite a spoiler there. Anyway, I'm not going to leak more that what I just had. Now, allow me just to share these amazing Peter Pan coloring pages with you all. There are more than 40 Pan printables in this post and in case you have a hard time deciding which to print, you can just print them all then. They're all free (for personal use), so you need not concern about that. In the following Peter Pan coloring pages below, you'll find Peter when he met Wendy for the first time and they flew together above the night sky. Of course, you can also see the constantly angry Captain Hook with his dimwitted right hand man, Mr. Smee. Tinker Bell and the crocodile that eats Captain Hook's hand are also in these Peter Pan coloring pages. Enjoy!

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Peter Pan Coloring Pages

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