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Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirate Coloring Pages Free Printable for Kids ycb42

Pirates. They may not be the best job a man could have, but for some reason kids like them. How many little boys do you think like to pretend they are a pirate on Halloween. Lots of them! And every popular TV series for kids, like Paw Patrol and Dora the Explorer must have an episode or two where the them is pirate. In fact, there's even a dedicated show about a pirate boy on Disney Jr, which is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Perhaps, it's because the word pirates has a close relation to adventure. Sailing an endless stretch of ocean, discovering new stuff throughout all corners of the world, finding a treasure, living freely with no rules but their own. Maybe it's all that that makes our children loves pirates. And don't forget the privilege to shout "aye!" It all sounds fun and grand.

Anyway, Halloween is already behind us, but if you still look for pirate coloring pages, you can find them here. As you can see by yourself, the images on the following kids printables are as diverse as you can expect. You can find Jake and Izzy from Disney Jr's Jake and the Never Land Pirates and some other fun looking pirate coloring pages. Mickey Mouse donning a pirate costume and Dora entertaining the idea of her being a pirate girl. There's also a drawing the closely resembles Captain Jack Sparrow, the legendary pirate that boards the Black Pearl, fastest ship in the ocean. Among them, you can also find a few pirate map and pirate ship coloring pages. Your kids will be overjoyed to get their hands on these pirate coloring pages. Best of all, you can print all of them for the cost of nothing. Yes! They're all free, but just ensure that you use them only for educational purpose.

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Pirate Coloring Pages


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