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Pokemon Coloring Page

Pokemon franchise started when I was hardly ten years old. Now I'm 27 and its popularity doesn't seem to diminish at the slightest. Heck, after the sensational game Pokemon Go was unveiled last year, the franchise got a huge bost to another level of popularity not only among children but adults too. It's like this thing's got a magic spell that somehow keep people hooked eternally. Anyway, if you think you're a die hard Pokemon fans, try to guess if my following statements is a fact or not. First, Mr. Mime (the mime Pokemon) is a girl. Second, Arcanine was never intended to be a legendary Pokemon. Third, Pikachu is based on a mouse and is set to be the exact opposite of Meowth. Well, how was that? Do you want to know the truth? Well, try to look for information about them at Brainjet.com.

Now, if you've been trying to get the most awesome collection of Pokemon coloring pages, you might find the following quite appealing. You can find many Pokemon in these coloring printables, from those that were introduced in its very early season such as Pikachu, Blastoise, and Charmander to Pokemon that shows up in later season such as Arcanine and Blaziken. Yes, the latter is based on a chicken, so if you think Chicken can't be scary, you should now. Blaziken is one of the strongest Pokemon revealed in the third generation. In addition to those Pokemon, you can also find some classic characters such as Misty and Brock. All of them can be found in these great Pokemon coloring pages. Have fun!

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Pokemon Coloring Page

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