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Japanese always has the knack to make something lovable. Not only are they able to make monsters, which are supposed to be fearsome, look cute, but also they can make them turn into a long lasting trend. Seriously, though, I watch Pokemon for the first time when I was still a fourth grader. Now I'm 27 but these adorable monsters still yet to cease to stop showing up. As a matter of fact, they once again took over the world last year when the huge game Pokemon Go released. Dang, I still remember watching a video on Facebook showing a grown up guy putting up some aggressive arguments just because of this game. That's just crazy.

Anyway, if your kids love to go "pika pika" all the time, then you might want to get your hand on these Pokemon coloring pages. The monsters range from the old classic seasons of the animation to the newer ones. You get to see the frog-like plant monster that everyone loves, Bulbasaur as well as the stoic looking giant tortoise-inspired monster, Blastoise. I can't name the monsters from the newer seasons since I didn't follow the series since I got to high school but they don't look less cute than Pikachu. Either way, I hope you like what you find on these Pokemon coloring pages.

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Pokemon Coloring Pages

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