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Police Car Coloring Pages

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Does your kid want to be a police someday? Well, that's awesome. In that case, you might be interested too to get these police car coloring pages to further boost his motivation to become a good officer. The police cars in the following printables are as various as you want them to be. Some cars look pretty common as any modern cars today. Some others look old while some others look like a straight cut from the future. There's even some sport cars like Lamborghini and Shelby that are modified to become police cars. I don't know if there is any Lamborghini used as a cop car in real life, but I've seen them in games.

Anyway, do note that even though you can save these images and print them as many as you want, you must know that they're only meant for personal and educational use only. You're not supposed to use them commercially in anyway. Now that you've understood it, there's no stopping you to get these police car coloring pages. Oh by the way, to make the activity more fun and exciting, I've included some police car fun facts that you can make into a fun trivia. So, while your kid is coloring these police car printables, you can play the "do you know" game. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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Police Car Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Police Cars

  • The very first police car was all electric and had gongs for sirens. In 1899, the Akron, Ohio police squad fielded an electrically powered buggy that could hit speeds in excess of 16mph thanks to a pair of 4hp motors. It came complete with lights, a stretcher, and gongs as an early forerunner to sirens.
  • Cop cars aren’t just souped up versions of their standard counterparts. Pretty much every system on a police vehicle has been enhanced, from electrical, to cooling, to brakes. All the extra equipment packed into one of these cars adds a ton of weight, so the brakes and suspension need to be upgraded to handle it.
  • Before it became a hot rodder's dream, the Little Deuce Coupe was the car to have for both cops and robbers. The Ford Model B, aka the Deuce Coupe in its smaller, "three-window" guise, sported under its hood what would become an outright legend of a V8. The ideal combination of cheap, reliable, and fast, the Model B was the cop car of choice in the 1930s and led to many precincts remaining loyal to Ford for years. Of course, it wasn't exactly a secret, and seemingly every baddie from Dillinger to Bonnie and Clyde swore by it as well.
  • K-9 Vehicles Are Extra Special. Take your standard cop car, add several thousand dollars worth of safety cages, a/c system upgrades, temperature sensors and more. Because officers tend to leave their K9 companions in the vehicle when they aren’t needed for police work, the air conditioning must be kept running. Plus, in the event of an accident, there needs to be a way to keep the dog safe.
  • All those different sirens serve different purposes. The classic "wail" is used for open roads when an officer is traveling at a high speed and approaching an intersection, because it's better at penetrating the cabin of a vehicle, meaning you'll hear it. The "yelp," basically a sped-up wail, is used in high-traffic situations, and if you still don't get out of the way, you'll likely get an earful of airhorn.
  • Most police cars are not bulletproof. The added weight of bulletproofing an entire vehicle would be extremely prohibitive, especially considering the already heavy load in a cruiser. Bullet resistant glass is also a no-go, as it tends to be way too thick to be practical in a vehicle. Some cars may be equipped with bulletproof doors, but the cost to outfit an entire police fleet is very restrictive.

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