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Power Ranger Dino Charge Coloring Pages

When Power Rangers Dino Charge was aired the first time back then in 2015, it marked the 22nd season Power Rangers have been with us. This series never gets old. With the time keeping on the change the creator seems to always have a brand new idea to refresh the children's favorite superhero. In the 22nd season, they come up with the dinosaurs theme. Actually, it's not really new because in the past, Power Ranger had introduced similar theme. It's just the plot story that differs. In Dino Charge series, the story begins when a dinosauroid-like alien named Keeper was hunted down by an intergalactic bounty hunter, Sledge, because he has all 10 Energems. For one thing or another, Keeper crashed on prehistoric earth. With Sledge still up his tail, he gave the Energems to the dinosaurs. These Energems will later be found by five teenagers and give them the power to be Power Rangers.

Anyway, it's safe to say that Power Rangers Dino Charge was successful. The producer extends the series to the second season and dub it as Dino Super Charge. Now if you're looking for some coloring pages of Power Rangers Dino Charge, you can find them below. There aren't too many of them but these 11 coloring printables of Power Rangers Dino Charge are all of high quality. You can print them and have fun. Enjoy!

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Power Ranger Dino Charge Coloring Pages

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