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Plants Vs. Zombies Coloring Pages

Plants Vs. Zombies Coloring Pages Free for Kids   at186

It was a long time ago when PopCap unveiled Plants Vs. Zombies, but its popularity is yet to diminish. If anything, the game becomes more and more popular by the day. I, myself, play it too. Well, I used to. I tried to browse for the easiest and simplest strategy that could take me to level 100 in Endless mode, but my best attempt only ended in level 50-something. Plants Vs. Zombies is by far the most addictive arcade/ tower defense game that I’ve ever played, and maybe you as well. But did you know that the original title of the game was Lawn of the Dead? It’s supposed to be a reference to a classic horror movie, Dawn of the Dead. But at the last minutes, PopCap Creative Director decided to change it to Plants Vs. Zombies. The game has been updated to PvZ 2, but it’s only available for mobile devices and looks more futuristic with all fancy visual effects.

Now, for those looking to grab some free Plants Vs. Zombies coloring pages, you can find many of them right after this passage. There are nearly 50 of them and you can choose the one you like the most, so that you don't waste many papers to print them. Almost all characters - both plants and zombies - from the original Plants Vs. Zombies and its second iteration can be found in the following PvZ printables. From peashooter, sunflower, cactus, to the fiery jalapeno. The zombies are represented by football zombie, balloon zombie, and snorkel zombie. In fact, you can also find Gargantuan and Imp and also Dr. Zomboss in these Plants Vs Zombies coloring pages. If your kid is a fan of this game, you can bundle these printables and turn them into a PvZ coloring book as a surprise gift for him/ her. They'll love it for sure.

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Plants Vs. Zombies Coloring Pages

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