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Rainbow Coloring Pages

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As a kid, I used to think that rainbow is some sort of bridge of light that I could step onto and walk through. I'm sure it's still what most kids think today. But no matter how many children think that way, such thought will never be true. Rainbow is not a physical material that we can put our feet on. It's simply a distortion of light that's caused by moisture in the air. That's why we can only see rainbow immediately after the rain has stopped. Even that rarely happens because in order for rainbow to appear, a bright light source is needed. In other words, we can only see rainbow is the sun shines brightly right after a heavy rain stopped.

Now that you know it, it doesn't mean you have to tell that to your kids. Let them imagine that rainbow is actually a bridge of light. You don't have to destroy their imagination. They'll learn about it sooner or later on their own. Now, if you've been looking for some rainbow coloring pages for preschoolers, you can find some of them below. Most of the rainbows are quite simple. One of them has even got an instruction as of what color your kids should choose. Some others look more exciting with cartoon characters seeing play around the rainbow. There are unicorn ponies, care bear, and even the sun it self. Check them out yourself below!

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Rainbow Coloring Pages

Rainbow Fun Facts

  • “Rainbow” comes from the Latin arcus pluvius, meaning “rainy arch.” In Greek and Roman times, it was believed that rainbows were a path created by the goddess of the rainbow, Iris, linking us to the immortals.
  • A rainbow is in fact a full circle of light. However, due to most people viewing a rainbow on the ground we only see a semi-circle or arc of the rainbow.
  • Sunlight is really made up of the colors of the rainbow.  When those colors are all mixed together it is called white light. White light is the light we see everyday.
  • The truth is, there is no set number of colors in a rainbow! Each hue blends into the next without a hard boundary, leaving the interpretation up to the person who sees it and the culture that has defined it.
  • A rainbow is not situated at a specified distance, instead it will always be visible to a person at the precise angle freshwater droplets reflect the light which is 42 degrees in the opposite direction of the sun.
  • Moonbows or lunar rainbows occur when the moon’s light reflects through the raindrop.  This type of rainbow is rare because the moon’s light usually isn’t bright enough for a rainbow to form.
  • It is a well known fact that rainbow can be seen after rainfall. But do you know that you can also see rainbow without the rainfall. Just visit a waterfall enveloped by mist of water droplets and stand at a spot where the sun is behind you; if you are lucky then you might be able to see the rainbow without rain.


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