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Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Disney Princess Rapunzel Coloring Pages   ZJRIB

She's a Disney Princess that has the longest golden locks. She was taken by a witch when she was a baby. And she was kept in a huge tall tower that has no door. Can you guess who she is? Yep, it's Rapunzel. Actually, her hair is brown not blonde, but since she was born with a magical power inside her, her hair turns blonde. In the animated movie released by Disney a few years ago, it was told that Rapunzel's hair has a healing capability. She could wrap the wounded part of a person using her hair and she would start singing. Her hair would then glow bright like a sparkling gold and poof! The wound has disappeared. It must be very lonely growing up as a Rapunzel. You know, being locked up in a tower and the only person you know is a witch who you think is your mother. No wonder she talks to a chameleon.

Aside from the magical power of her hair, Rapunzel is also the most creative Princess Disney has ever introduced. Well, it's partly because no other princesses are shown with artistic soul like Rapunzel. She can draw very well. She can decorate her hair with flowers. Heck, she can dance so well that she managed to convince a bunch of ruthless pirates to be good people. That's just how amazingly creative Rapunzel is. Now if your kids love Rapunzel, you might want to show her artistic side through these Rapunzel coloring pages. There are so many of them. You can see Rapunzel by herself, staring at the ceiling, wondering what the world is actually like. You can see her with her chameleon as well as her love, Flynn. And don't forget the silver horse Maximus. He hates Flynn but his loyalty for Rapunzel forces him to make a truce with the thief. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these Rapunzel coloring pages.

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Rapunzel Coloring Pages

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