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Sailor Moon Coloring Pages

Cute Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Usagi Loves You

Sailor Moon coloring pages are often sought by girls. Whether the girl is just a small one or adult one, Sailor Moon seems to fit them all. The cartoon or anime is from Japan. It was created almost two decades ago. The story is about a group of girls who are blessed with power and they can transform into superhero-like group and then fighting the bad guys. The main character is Sailor Moon, hence the title. When she is not in her superhero suit, her name is Usagi Tsukino, a cute anime girl. When she is transforming, she is filled by the power of the moon. She will wear her signature suit with a white and blue miniskirt and knee-length boot. She also has her blonde hairs styled into long pigtails on the left and right. The Sailor Moon coloring pages are mostly about her but sometimes the whole team is there, too.

The coloring page displayed here is the one of Usagi or Sailor Moon herself. She is seen standing tall with one of her hand in front of her face with those large sparkly eyes, typical in any anime. You can see there is a crescent moon on the background, indicating the source of power Usagi has. Sailor Moon here is seen with her full suit. Her mini skirt, large bow tie on the chest, and boots are all there. You can also in the see in the Sailor Moon coloring pages her long pigtails floating on the left and on the right. The characters are quite different from those of Equestria Girls, but eEvery girl who has seen the series must love Sailor Moon. She has been a sort of cult and her fans are scattered all across the world. If you happen to love this beautiful heroine, too, you should download the Sailor Moon coloring pages right now over here. They are free and you can just download them with ease, print them and coloring them later, whether you do it yourself or give the page to the kids.

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Sailor Moon Coloring Pages

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