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School Bus Coloring Pages

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Sigh, I just read some terrible news about a woman driving an SUV and crashing into a school bus. She didn't make it out alive. I know that's a real ugly way to start a post, but, oh well. So, does your kid take a school bus to get to school, or you take him/her there yourself with a car? Most parents today opt for taking their kid to school by themselves, even if they have a lot of works. The way I see it, school bus isn't very bad. Sure, you and the little need to be on time every morning but by going to school with a school bus, your kid can have more chance to develop his social skill.

Do you know what crosses my mind when I think of school bus? It's a scene when Jenny offers a seat to little Forrest and Forrest tell himself that she must be the most beautiful girl in the world. That movie Forrest Gump never gets old, does it? Anyway, if you're here looking for some school bus coloring pages for your preschool kid, you can find some of them in the following section. You can have them for free but you may only use them personally. To print any of these school bus coloring pages for kids, you will need to click on the thumbnail first. After that, you can print them. Check them out below!

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School Bus Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about School Bus

  • School buses are required to meet higher construction, equipment, and inspection standards than any other vehicle and their drivers are required to meet higher qualifications, training, and testing standards than any other drivers on the road.
  • Have you ever wondered why the school bus is either yellow or orange? These facts may surprise you. Yellow is an attention-grabbing color. In fact, studies show that people notice the color yellow over all the other colors. Humans can detect yellow even from the corner of their eyes. Scientists have discovered yellow is 1.24 times greater for catching our eye, even over red. The color yellow is easier to detect in dim light or bad weather. Because of these reasons, all school buses in the US must be yellow.
  • Only half of America’s students take the school bus to school; the others use more dangerous forms of transportation. According to the National Academy of Sciences, an average of 820 students are killed annually during school transportation hours, but less than 2% of them are school bus passengers. In the United States we lose more than 800 children every year because they are not in school buses. Most of the fatalities (55%) occur in cars driven by teenagers.
  • School bus seats are designed with high padded backs and seats, padded rails and stanchions (strong, upright poles). In addition, the seats are a specific distance apart for optimal safety. Plus, (what you hopefully will never see) they are designed for a certain rate of collapse in case of a crash. Even the size of the windows has all been taken into consideration. These are designed to protect you from being ejected through one if the bus were ever in an accident.

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