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Shark Coloring Pages

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Ironic is the fate of sharks. They're created as the top predator in the ocean. Yet, each year their numbers decrease significantly because of mass hunting by humans. Even the strong and ferocious Great White Shark is no match for humans. They can capture the sea predator as easy as they do with other animals. The worst of all of this is they only need the sharks' fins. Mostly, fishermen who hunt for sharks will cut off all the important fins of the sharks. After that, their bodies would be thrown back to the sea while they're still alive. This is extremely cruel. I cannot express with words how I hate this inhuman activity. Seriously, how can they have a heart to mutilate the sharks and afterward they just dump them back to the ocean to die? That's just awful. There's a video at the end of this post explaining what would happen to the world's oceans if sharks went extinct. It's certainly not pretty and can be dangerous too for humans as they can lose one of the most important food sources.

To help raise awareness that sharks play important role to keep the ocean in balance to young generations, you may want to get these shark coloring pages. The difficulty ranges from easy to very hard. You can give the simple coloring pages of shark to the younger children, while the hard ones for the older kids. You can find various species of sharks too in these shark coloring pages. From the mighty strong Great White Shark, the always calm and peaceful whale shark, the extra sensitive hammerhead shark, and the exotic leopard shark. You can also find a nice zentangle art drawing of shark, which is great for stress reliever. All in all, these shark coloring pages are great for all ages. Check them out for yourself below!

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Shark Coloring Pages

What Happened If There Were No Sharks

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