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Sheep Coloring Pages

Sheep coloring pages to print gwan4

I always thought that sheep are simple minded animals who let themselves be herded to any direction they have no say about. But that's not entirely true apparently. Although they may not be as intelligent as elephant or dolphin, sheep have very strong memories. Studies have proved that they can remember 50 individual sheep and humans for years, and that's only minimum, which means they can remember a lot more. Who would have thought that memorization is sheep's strongest suit, right? Also, if you had experience tending sheep yourself, you'd find that when they get sick, they become more picky with their food. It's not like they lose their appetite, though. No, it's far from that. It's just their way to cure their illness. Researchers believe that sheep know which plants have healing property, and they'll only eat those specific plants when ill. Quite amazing, huh? Especially from a simple farm animal bred for their meat and wool.

Anyway, if you want to teach your children about this furry mammal, these sheep coloring pages are a good start as any. While your kid is coloring these sheep printables, you can explain to them why they're one of the most common domesticated animals and how important they are for our lives, especially people in Middle East. Their main diet always includes sheep's meat. On the sheep coloring pages below, you'll find some that feature simpler drawing of a sheep. This is perfect for kids at preschool age. Meanwhile, some sheep coloring pages here have a more realistic look to it and thus they're better for older kids. Some of the sheep have very thick and fluffy wool on them, while others not so much. You can also see a few realistic drawings of bighorn sheep, which in some countries are matched to headbutt each other. I know it's savage, but it's their custom. Either way, I hope your kids love these sheep coloring pages.

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Sheep Coloring Pages

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