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Snowman Coloring Pages

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Not everyone can build a snowman. Those who live in an area where snow is scarce can't hope to build a decent sized snowman. So, if in every winter you get to have a god time outside building your own snowman with your kids, I think you've got to be grateful for that. Recently, I read some news about a family who built a massive snowman whose height is well over their house's. Seriously, that must have required insane amount of works. On the other hand, some genius scientist tried to break the previous record of world's smallest snowman and they made it. The snowman measures at under three micrometers. You're going to need a massive electron microscope to see it.

Snowman has been part of human's culture every where in the world. Perhaps, it's because there is nothing much fun to do in winter other than snowball war and making snowman. Anyway, it's still winter. If your kids are not very motivated to lgo outside, maybe you can make use of these snowman coloring pages. They look nice and fun to color. Although most of the printables will be smothered in white, your kids can still color the little details such as the snowman's scarf, nose, hat, and many more. Check them out yourself below!

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Snowman Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Snowman

  • After a heavy snowfall, Michelangelo was once ordered by a rich Italian politician to create a snowman in the courtyard of his palace. No description of the ephemeral piece survives, though eyewitnesses were quoted as saying it was “very beautiful.”
  • The biggest snowman of all time was created in Bethnel, Maine, in 2008. The snow-woman was a whopping 122 feet tall in height, and was called Olympia, in honour of the US senator representing the state of Maine, Olympia Snowe.
  • Playing with snow can keep you trim. According to The History of the Snowman, laboring for an hour to build a snowman burns approximately 238 calories. That’s more than dancing and not far from what you'd burn going for a bike ride.
  • Karen Schmidt from Minnesota, USA, owns the largest collection of snowmen in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. The American collector owns 5,127 snowmen items and counting, and started her snowman collection back in 1980.
  • Chasing a world record, residents of Sapporo, Japan made 12,379 snowmen in 2003—so many that they actually outnumbered the humans in the town. At night, the candles placed in the bellies of the frosty occupants dazzled tourists. The town holds a festival every February.
  • Every year since 1818, the people of Zurich, Switzerland, celebrate the beginning of spring by blowing up a snowman. On the third Monday of April, the holiday Sechseläuten is kicked off when a cotton snowman called the Böögg is stuffed with dynamite and paraded through town by bakers, blacksmiths, and other tradesmen who throw bread and sausages to the crowds. When the snowman explodes, winter is considered officially over—the shorter the combustion, the longer summer is said to be.

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