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Star Coloring Pages

Star Coloring Pages Shooting Star Falling from the Sky

It seems like working on star coloring pages is considered the basic task for younger children. Star drawing teaches children about angle and counting as well. It may even be the preliminary knowledge necessary for them to learn science as well. Working on such drawing is not easy for young children who are still learning to hold their pen properly. Although there is a wider part in the middle of a star, it has small angles which require child to maneuver their working hand to accommodate that small space. It can be a frustrating activity for you and your child because to reach this stage, time and exercises need to be taken. If you are looking to develop your child's fine motor skill, look for varied star coloring pages available in the World Wide Web. An alternative would be these Rainbow Coloring Pages. These pages come in different varieties; from design, level of difficulty, and size criteria. What kind of pages that you can find on the web?

For preschoolers, it seems like coloring the angles would be the most challenging task when working on star coloring pages. You can actually find coloring sheets with star drawings that do not have sharp angles for starters. Such sheets have rounded edges which are friendlier to beginner learner. To motivate your child, there are pages with smiley star drawings. Such easy task might be a bore for older children, though. In this case, you can look for pages which have multiple stars in varying sizes for the older children. There are also sheets that have cloud, star, and moon on them. It enables older children to exercise creativity, particularly in choosing color scheme. You can also find star coloring pages which suit adults. These sheets have complex and intricate design which incorporates numerous stars and other abstract pattern. It would be a great activity to spend time so you will not feel bored.

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Star Coloring Pages

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