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Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

Sugar Skull Coloring Pages Adults Printable   211684

Sugar skulls are basically a candy because they're made of sugar and Royal icing. However, only silly people would eat them. Really! Eating a big hunk of granulated sugar and Royal Icing is not a tasty, pleasant experience. Besides, aside from sugar and icing, sugar skulls are commonly adorned with sequins, colored tin foil, feathers, beads and glitter. All of those things are inedible! Now, you see, sugar skulls are more of a folk art than a sweet treat. So, next time you're invited to celebrate Day of the Dead with your Mexican friend, remember to not eat the sugar skull. It'll save you from the embarrassment. Also, you'll be doing the Mexicans a favor. You see, sugar skulls are used to represent a departed soul. They have a name written on the forehead and are commonly placed on the home ofrenda or gravestone to honor the return of a particular spirit.

Anyway, if you're not a sugar skull artist but still want to join the fun, perhaps these sugar skull coloring pages will help. All of these skulls are decorated with very intricate patterns. You'd be thrilled to color all of these sugar skull coloring pages. There are 40 of them and all are pretty hard to color, which is perfect for adults. Sure, there is one or two that has simpler pattern on it but it still requires a good deal of focus, which is not a kid's thing. All of these sugar skull coloring pages are good only for adults and advanced colorists. Have fun!

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Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

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