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Summer Coloring Pages for Adults

Are you looking for some difficult summer coloring pages for adults? Well, this is the post you need. There are no less than 36 complex images all related to summer that you can print and color until you're satisfied. The images vary from tropical ocean animals such as sea turtles and dolphins to beautiful summer flowers. You can also see a few beautiful coloring pages with quotes that can make your summer even merrier. All of these summer printables for grown ups are in high resolution. You just need to click on the thumb images to view their full version. As expected from adult coloring pages, the following pictures are extremely intricate and has so many little details. You're going to have a blast coloring all these advanced coloring pages of summer. Just check them out yourself. Now if you're looking for the ones made for young children, check out these summer coloring pages for kids.

Anyway, are you familiar with the term, "the dog days of summer"? It's a common term people used to refer to the hottest days of summer which usually occurs in between July 3 and August 11. The said term has its reference to the Dog Star called Sirius which is located in the Canis Major constellation. Why do we blame the Dog Star for the intense heat in summer? Well, apparently, in ancient Greek mythology, Sirius is responsible for all the hot temperatures, drought, discomfort, and sickness that are prevalent during summer. Quite an interesting fact, eh? But that's not all. Another less known fact about summer is, in France, the temperature during summer days are so high that even the steel used in Eiffel Tower construction expands, making the tower 6 inch bigger. Also, scientists believed that babies born in summer have more tendency to suffer from mood swings, compared to babies born in other seasons.

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Summer Coloring Pages for Adults

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