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Superman Coloring Pages

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He's the one superhero that's been eternally compared with the main character in a Japanese anime, Dragon Ball Z, Son Goku. He supposed to be an alien (since he doesn't originate from earth), but he looks exactly like human. Can you guess who he is? Yep, he's the one and only, Superman. The young Kryptonian Kal-El (that's Superman's real name) manages to leave his original planet, Krypton before it explodes due to nuclear chain reaction. He wanders through the space continuously, until he finds earth and decides to live in it. On earth, he finds people he loves the most, his foster parents and his girlfriend, Lois Lane, so he decides to protect the Earth as if it was his home planet. Superman is supposed to have a god-like power and it can even be boosted further if he gets much exposure to the sun. However, it is not rare I find him getting beaten by his opponents, either other superhero like Batman or villains. I don't think he's stronger than Goku.

Anyhow, I'm not writing this post to debate with you who's stronger than who. Rather, I put this together as an opening before you get to the main dish, which is Superman coloring pages. There are 36 of them and you can choose the one you want to print and color. You can decide which Superman coloring pages you want to get by looking at which pose of his is the coolest. As you can see below, Superman is drawn in many different scenes. There is the one where Superman breaks through a solid brick wall. There's also the one where he lifts a whole car. My favorite is the one where he rips apart a steel chain that's trying to bind him. (Seriously, who's stupid enough to try to pin down Superman with mere steel chains?) And of course, there is the one where he soars to the sky with his cape fluttering on his back. All of these Superman coloring pages are free, so have a good time!

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Superman Coloring Pages

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