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Tangled Coloring Pages

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Tangled might not be as big a hit as Frozen at the time of its release, but it’s still quite a successful venture for Disney. The movie has brought forth a mini series of its own, featuring Rapunzel’s adventure with Flynn before her hair was cut short and she turned into a cute brunette girl, instead of a blonde. Anyway, this post is about Disney Tangled coloring pages, so naturally it contains many printables showing various scenes from the movie as well as the characters, including Flynn, Pascal (Rapunzel’s chameleon), Maximum (the silver horse of the Royal army who holds a grudge against Flynn), and the villain in disguise, Rapunzel’s witch mother (I forget her name). If you want something that highlights the princess more, you should go to Rapunzel coloring pages.

As I said before, these Tangled coloring pages show many scenes taken right from the movie. My favorite one is of course when Rapunzel and Flynn took a boat at a lake and wait for the lantern to be lit by the king and queen, which is then followed by thousand other lanterns from the good people. It’s the moment when they sing “See the Light”. I know I like Frozen better than Tangled, but that song is about the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard from Disney’s animated movies. Not even “Let It Go” and “Love Is an Open Door” can best it. In fact, the reason I watched Tangled more than once is mostly because I want to see that particular scene. What about you? Well, whatever it is, I hope you can make a good use of the following Tangled coloring pages and have a good time with them. Peace!

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Tangled Coloring Pages

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