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Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

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Did you know where the term “Teddy Bear” comes from? For years, I had thought it’s just parents making it up to make bears sound more friendly, so that kids would love them more. However, recently I discovered a very interesting fact about it. It was believed that in 1902, when out hunting, President Theodore Roosevelt – called by many as simply Teddy – was brought a bear cub for prize trophy. But instead of shooting it on sight, the president let it go. The story spread like a wildfire and people talked about how kindhearted Teddy Roosevelt is. They even created a cartoon about the whole hunting trip. Capitalizing the moment, a Brooklyn shop owner asked a permission form the president to call his stuffed toy bears as “Teddy Bear”. From then on, the name Teddy Bear is used to refer to stuffed animal dolls that resemble a little bear cub.

That's the little I know about Teddy Bear. You have known it all along, but I'm sure not many people do. Anyway, if it's Teddy Bear coloring pages you're looking for, I've got around 25 of them in this post. All are high quality and can be printed right away without any editing. You can make a fun activity for your kids quickly and easily. The images of Teddy Bear in the following printables are different one from another. You can see Teddy Bear in its usual form as stuffed dolls. In some other coloring pages, the Teddy Bear also holds a heart and a few are shown to have a picnic together. There's even one blank coloring page of Teddy Bear. You can ask your kid to complete the drawing by adding eyes, nose, and mouth. You can also tech him/ her to draw the ribbon around the Teddy Bear's neck. Check them out for yourself. It sure looks fun.

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Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

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