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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

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We're just a few days away from Thanksgiving this year. Have you figured out how you're going to cook your turkey? Whatever recipe you’ll try, make sure it’s tasty. That how you ensure your kids love you. Aside from mouth-watering turkey, there’s another way to impress your kids at Thanksgiving in this fall. Yes, by making a fun trivia. There are quite a few facts about Thanksgiving that I’m sure your kids won’t know. For example, turkey was absent from the very first celebration of Thanksgiving. Also, there wasn’t any forks too, on the dining table. The Pilgrims didn’t even know what fork is because it wasn’t invented until the tenth year they stay in America. More surprisingly, it takes 200 years for us to really appreciate Thanksgiving and make it a national Holiday. Yes, 200 years after the first Thanksgiving, Sarah Josepha Hale – the writer of classic song “Mary Had a Little Lamb” – managed to convince Lincoln, who was the president at that time, to make Thanksgiving a holiday for all.

Now, if you want some fun activity for your kids in Thanksgiving, other than watching football with their father, these Thanksgiving coloring pages might be a good idea. There are 38 of them and each contains a nice drawing that kids will enjoy coloring. There are a few popular cartoon characters shown celebrating Thanksgiving, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Disney, Hello Kitty, Charlie Brown and his dog, Snoopy. There are also blank Happy Thanksgiving card that your kids can color and give to the people they love. Some of the coloring pages also show Pilgrims and Indians standing side by side to enjoy the feast and pumpkin. It's all looking very fun to color. So, what are you waiting for. Grab them and print them and let the kid have a blast. All of these Thanksgiving coloring pages are free for personal use.

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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

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