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Thomas And Friends Coloring Pages

Thomas And Friends Coloring Pages Free for Kids   6Ir1n

One of my kids' favorite TV shows is Thomas and Friends. To me, this series look silly and dull. But for my kids, they are very inspiring and fun to watch, so I always try to stick with them. The story of a young locomotive named Thomas, wandering around the town of Sodor, doing tasks and helping people around encourages my children to be a good kid. So I never complaint when they take over the TV and watch Thomas and Friends. Anyway, I figured out that in the past, this series was not made using CGI but real train toys. Now that's a really serious works. I can hardly imagine how much dedication the crews put to make that worked.

In this post, you can find more than 25 coloring pages of Thomas and friends. All are ready to print and all are free. You do have to keep in mind, though, that these printables must not be used for any commercial purpose. You may only use them for personal and educational purpose only. Some of these images may appear blurry. For that I apologize. I haven't the time time to refine the images and make them appear more crisp and clearer. Either way, I hope you kids can have fun with them.

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Thomas and Friends Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Thomas and Friends

  • The island of Sodor is an island in between England and the Isle of Man. Sodor is Thomas the Tank Engine's home, along with other engines such as Gordon, Percy, Tom and Henrey.
  • Thomas and Friends is based on a series of books written by Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher. They were written to entertain Awdry’s son as he recovered from the measles.
  • Thomas the tank engine was first mentioned in "The Railway Series" of books in 1946. He was metioned in the second book in the series called "Thomas the Tank Engine". Thomas first came to fame around the world when he was dicovered by Britt Allcroft back in 1979.
  • Thomas is based on the Billington E2-Class 0-6-0T locomotives built between 1913 and 1916. He is painted blue after the North Western Railway colours. He is a cheeky train, but he has good heart. He strives to be a really useful engine!
  • The Narrator of the Thomas the tank engine series Ringo Starr, previously a famous musician who played in a band called the Beatles in the 60's. Ringo is the voice behind the story for Allcroft's TV series. The current narrator of the Thomas and Tank Engine series is a man called Michael Angelis.
  • Thomas’s boss the Fat Controller was originally known in the books as the Fat Director. In America, they preferred not to use the nickname ‘Fat’, so have nearly always used the character’s real name – Sir Topham Hatt.

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